October 25, 2014

Welcome to Joyland

The phrase,

“A church enjoying the

goodness of


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sets the expectations for you and your family to be blessed, encouraged, and loved as you learn about God, Who came in the flesh to reconcile us to Himself, and Who loves you dearly.  We carry this message of reconciliation with God out into the neighboring communities, and we invite you to personally embrace it.  Explore it. Learn how you are the “apple of God’s eye,” and how He delights to walk in fellowship with you.

Anointed musical worship, positive fellowship, in-depth teaching, and hands-on personal ministry provide you a fun, safe place to pursue a deeper understanding of the triune God of the universe.  He invites each of us to come to Himself…and to experience His Goodness.

Download April 11, 2014 160The “Good News” proclaimed by Jesus is alive and transforming people, today.  It affects every family member – from grandparents to infants.  Joyland is not only dedicated to pursuing God and all that He has designed for each one of us, but for encouraging and building up families of all ages.

We provide fun, well-rounded teaching throughout our Children’s Ministry.  Most importantly, we value your children and have an understanding of how important each child is to the heart of God.

Every believer’s heart cry is to comprehend and see the Glory of the Lord, and to be touched by Jesus’ love.  We will stand with you through difficult times, because we know that regardless of the circumstances you are facing, God is ready to meet with you.  His Heart’s desire is to guide you and your family along the path of life.


Not only will you and your family members learn to be strengthened and empowered to “proclaim the excellencies of Him Who has called you out of darkness into His marvelous Light” (I Pet. 2:8-10) but to also understand the special destiny that He has provided for each one of us….individually, as a family unit, as part of the corporate Body of Christ.

We are called “Joyland” for a reason…the life of Christ is filled with joy.


Jesus taught that He came that we might have Life, and have it abundantly.  Joyful Life.

He invites you in to His joyful Life, and so do we.

 Joyland is located a short distance from Colorado Springs and only a few minutes from Woodland Park, at 10605 Green Mtn. Falls Rd.

Joyland Sunday Morning Worship